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Lawn & Shrub Program

Lawn & Shrub Program

lawn shrub maintenance
landscape shrub maintenance

GrassMaster Lawn Care, Inc.’s Lawn and Shrub program is one that you can rely on to get the most out of your investment in your lawn and shrubs. Each season, your landscape grows and changes. All of the trees and shrubs on your property represent a valuable and growing investment that adds both value and enjoyment to your home; but each new season brings insect, disease, and weather problems that can damage or even destroy the beauty and health of your landscape.

GrassMaster Lawn Care, Inc. has the experience you can trust to carefully inspect and manage the health of your landscape trees and shrubs. Through each season of the year, we monitor and treat insect and disease activity on all plants covered by our program. Our program also provides precisely formulated fertilization for improved plant growth, bloom potential, and general vigor.

  • Our Lawn Treatment program is carried out six times per year and includes fertilization, weed control (herbicide), insect control (insctecide), and fungus control (fungicide). We try to use as much organic and eco-green fertilizers as possible.

  • Our Shrub Spray program is carried out four times per year and it includes fertilizer, insecticide, and fungicide. We use a soil drench rather than a foliar spray. With the soil drench there is a 90- to 120-day residual protection compared to the foliar spray where there is generally a 14- to 21-day residual. We ONLY use organic and eco-green chemicals with our shrub spray program.

  • We also do Core Aeration to remove compaction from the soil, which allows oxygen and nutrients to get to the roots of the turf. Normal activities such as walking, playing, mowing, watering, etc., can cause this compaction, leaving undesirable subsoil for healthy lawn growth; so it is recommended to do this once a year.

GrassMaster Lawn Care, Inc. will thoroughly evaluate your landscape’s current condition, then apply treatments designed to enhance growth and control of insects and diseases. Your program includes free consultations and follow up. 

When you choose to use GrassMaster Lawn Care, Inc. for your shrub and lawn care needs, your request and specifications will be handled efficiently, on time, and with the best, most environmentally friendly equipment available. Contact GrassMaster Lawn Care, Inc. for a FREE ESTIMATE today!

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